Tue, 16 Sep 2003 03:18:46 GMT

Licensing Internet users?. Wired News picked up this provocative thinkpiece from the Associated Press (no author credited): “A virus ,pfouls your computer and you haplessly pass it on. Advertising software loads stealthily on your machine. Your password gets stolen because of your negligence…. [InternetPolicy.net]


here's a little question, knowing what you know about the internet, would you pass a user licensing program? or not? it is a hard question really, or it should be and if you don't think it is, i would lay odds that very few people who think they know how, actually know how to use and access the net in a way that like the highways, keep it safe for others. why is this? fundamentally the net is structured so that there is a technological elite that retains that knowledge above the level of the user….