Mon, 15 Sep 2003 00:34:12 GMT

Soon to be the Software-Developing World. Dan Gillmor is back from Africa with a column on Open source in the developing world. Here's the conclusion: …this may be one arena where Microsoft simply can't compete, fairly or not. Barring a dramatic change in attitude, product and price from the world's largest software company, open source is plainly the way developing nations should move. They literally can't afford to do otherwise…. [Joho the Blog]


I'm very much surprised that we don't see more coverage of the internationalization of the software industry. Not in the job migration, but in the job growth and job specialization. having 1000 programmers that are willing to work on a project is not super-common, but it is more common than it once was, and with national projects, it might get even more common…..