short literature review

This is a list, growing throughout today probably, of books and other material that are central to my dissertation. I'll put them in some sort of categorical separation and i'll keep adding to it throughout today.

Science and Technology Studies:

  • Latour and Woolgar: Laboratory Life
  • Latour: Science in Action
  • Tuomi: Networks of Innovation
  • Winner: The Whale and The Reactor
  • Barry, Political Machines

Open Source Literature:

  • Raymond, Cathedral and the Bazaar
  • Torvalds, Just for Fun
  • Stallman, Gnu Manifesto
  • Stallman, Free as in Freedom
  • Proceedings of the 1st,2nd, 3rd Congress on Open Source Software Production

Software Studies:

  • Behind the blip
  • Interface Culture
  • Code and other laws of cyberspace
  • The Future of Ideas
  • From Airline to Sonic the Hedgehog

Political Economy:

  1. Class Warfare in the Information Society
  2. Network Society
  3. Theories of Political Economy
  4. The Accursed Share
  5. Virtuality Check

International Perspectives:

  1. Modernity at Large
  2. Software Production in India
  3. The International Software

I'll add more shortly