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Raggle: a console based aggregator.
As a fan of console-based tools (mytop, for example) in this “web-based everything” age, I was thrilled to see an announcement for Raggle. Raggle is a console RSS aggregator, written in Ruby. Features include customizable keybindings, basic HTML rendering, HTTP proxy support, OPML import/export, themes, support for various versions of RSS, Screen support. browser auto-detection, and more. Raggle has been tested under Linux and OpenBSD, and should work properly under other Unix variants as well…
[Jeremy Zawodny's blog] [Keeping track]


the best part is that it is written in ruby, there are many scripting choices out there today, but the discerning scripter chooses ruby, why? because it is red and shiny? no, but because it 'worth learning' and thus 'worth using', like lisp, you'll understand why after you've learned it.