Wed, 27 Aug 2003 15:18:56 GMT

RSS Tutorial.

A Primer for Publishers and Content Providers. The benefits of RSS as outlined in the document:

  • RSS is an excellent and cost-effective way of driving traffic to, and increasing brand awareness of, any website that publishes content (e.g news, jobs, events) regularly. Once a publisher produces an RSS file, they are enabling others to syndicate their headlines, without any further work on their part.

  • RSS is the dominant format for distributing headline content on the Web.

  • RSS allows easy sharing of data between sites. Webmasters can use an RSS file to easily incorporate third party content into their own site.

  • Content from RSS feeds can be easily repurposed allowing, for example, cross searching of a number of different feeds at once.
    RSS content can be added to personal desktop news reading applications like Feedreader or AmphetaDesk.

  • RSS is a disruptive innovation – where HTML was in 1994.

    [E M E R G I C . o r g]

    RSS is an interesting development for sure, and i find it extremely useful