cybercities conference

A major conference on “Cibercities and the Network Society” is taking
place in Brazil next October.
More information can be obtained from their website (where the
introduction below was taken from):

“CYBERCITY is an international seminar that will gather investigators in
the area of information and communications technology, urbanists, urban
and regional planners, architects, engineers, social scientists and
other professionals in the private, public and third sectors interested
in the discussion of a society of information and knowledge with focus
on the creation of cyber cities and local development. The new
information and communications technologies demand that the companies,
governments and society establish new relationships for living together
as citizens and for knowledge management, with the aim of creating
effective strategies in areas such as: network infra-structure,
education, professional qualification , work, health, environment, fast
services, optimization of resources and consumption, with regard to the
emergence of cyber cities and the demand of cyber inclusion in the
society of information.

The objetive of CYBERCITY is to gather experts in an international forum
of information about research, studies and implementation of new
information and communication technologies with the aim of local
development and mainly to improve the living conditions of the people in
urban and rural environments, mobilizing and integrating the academic
community, experts, entrepreneurs and politicians and engage them in a
debate about the emergence of a Cyber City.”