Thu, 14 Aug 2003 16:52:46 GMT

Australian statistics on Internet activity.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has an interesting publication on statistics on Internet activity conducted through the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry in Australia.It contains results from all identified ISPs operating in Australia in respect of the three months ended September 2002.

Highlights of some of the findings are:

  • DSL connections increased by 112% reflecting the accelerating uptake of broadband (access speeds equal to or greater than 256kbs) services.
  • The increasing uptake of broadband services is evident in the large increase shown in the volume of data downloaded, up 28% between March quarter 2002 and September quarter 2002. This builds on the 42% increase in data downloaded between September quarter 2001 and March quarter 2002.

[ITU Strategy and Policy Unit Newslog]

This has some interesting stats, but i wonder how much of that data is real use and how much is bloat use, like virus, html email, etc. remember the goal of industry is to get you to buy new stuff, so the way to do that is to make it seem slower than it really is.