Mon, 28 Jul 2003 03:10:29 GMT

Networks of Innovation by Ilkka Tuomi.

From the extract (PDF), looks to be very interesting. The soon-to-be-published Networks of Innovation: Change and Meaning in the Age of the Internet (Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0199256985) by Ilkka Tuomi.

  • “As many commentators have observed, the process of science itself is very much based on peer-review, incremental development, non-economic motives, and geographically distributed collaboration. Indeed, tradtional models of innovation often assumed that basis research generates ideas and technologies that are appropriated by entrepreneurs who them to products and money.”
  • “The history of Linux allows one to question to what extent existing economic models of innovation and technological development capture phenomena that underlie collective production of new technolgies.”

[Robert Shaw: Open Source]

I'm reading Ilkka's book now, I've been impressed with his previous work and am thankful that he mentioned mine in it. Is anyone else reading this out there?