Sat, 19 Jul 2003 12:38:07 GMT

Depublishing: Editorial Policies for Blogs. Last November, I posted on Kairosnews a link to Dennis Jerz's Literacy Weblog post regarding Blood's blogging ethics. Pretty tame discussion then, but if you've been following the discussion about depublishing (see Ten Reasons Why) then you know why this is an issue worth discussing further (and are probably not surprised that Dave Winer is at the center of it: and he wonders why people don't trust him to have so much hold over the RSS standard?).

Anyway, Ten Reasons Why has written up an editorial blogging policy for his site. Seems like a good document for Kairosnews to develop (perhaps we could ask Greg Ritter for permission to work from his draft as a starting point?).

What do you think? [Kairosnews – A Weblog for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy]

interesting, but policies are problematic, the good folk don't need them and the bad folk don't care, so i prefer to think in terms of guidelines