Wed, 16 Jul 2003 00:20:38 GMT

Put the Supremes on Your iPod.

Our friends at have now made it ridiculously easy to download MP3s of classic U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments for free under a Creative Commons license.

Here's a list of the first wave of Supreme Court recordings that OYEZ has embedded with license information.

Download (warning: big) a few here if you like, then browse OYEZ for a few dozen more:

(1) Roe v. Wade;

(2) the Pentagon Papers case;

(3) Miranda v. Arizona;

(4) the Sam Sheppard (a.k.a., “the Fugitive”) murder appeal;

(5) the justly titled Loving v. Virginia (in which the Court overturned a Virginia law banning inter-racial marriage).

OYEZ also has the audio from the recent affirmative action cases Gratz and Grutter.

Not jogging music, exactly — but many of them do get the blood going. Hats off to OYEZ for this ongoing public service.

[Creative Commons: weblog]

this is good, more things like this are good.
I like the avalon project at yale too. it has so many good classical documents from american and international law that students can actually learn that perhaps not everyone is portraying american history appropriately, and for that matter american political thought.