Tue, 17 Jun 2003 19:01:42 GMT

Review of QuickTopic and Quick Doc.

Great post by Alan at cogdogblog about two useful applications (one for single-topic discussions, the other for gathering comments on documents) with very low barriers to use. I love applications like this (which the folks at the TLT Group call 'Low Threshold Applications') which have a quick pay-off for instructors and students and little or no cost to uptake. – SWL

Afterword: Looks like Alan has previously submitted an LTA to the TLT group – cf. http://tc.unl.edu/cansorge/lta/lta25.html. Any suggestions on how to get them to produce their list as an RSS feed?


yup, yup, these are handly little tools, but they also are not the easiest to manage becuase in part, they are 'out of the package' that students used to webct or blackboard, etc. are used to using…