Fri, 13 Jun 2003 00:33:40 GMT

On his last day in office as Director of the OMB, …. On his last day in office as Director of the OMB, Mitch Daniels gave up on his attempt to let federal agencies outsource their printing jobs and bypass the Government Printing Office (GPO). This is a victory for open access to government documents, since many agencies wanted to bypass the GPO precisely in order to bypass its open-access and library deposit policies. More coverage. [FOS News]

This is good news for continuing easy access to our documents. When the government wants to make it more difficult to read what it is doing, we should be afraid. I would not be surprised to see this reintroduced. [A Man with a Ph.D. – Richard Gayle's Weblog]

yes, it would have been a tragedy of the public domain if precisely what we pay to have produced was then outside of the public domain, but wait, isn't this what happens with research in higher education…. we pay, they privatize… we keep paying, business ultimately keep the money.