Sat, 07 Jun 2003 19:29:49 GMT

On the virtual, some thoughts on social computing and the value of disciplinary heresy. I need to reflect on the feedback I got on my conference presentation, so I'm just going to think out loud for a bit. If you weren't there (and even if you were) you can take a look at the (829 kb) powerpoint version, and I should post a full draft paper within the week. [Purse Lip Square Jaw]

We have to realize that what deleuze means by virtual is not really what even bergson means by virtual, though it is derived from bergson somewhat… and latour, i think is talking about something entirely different, which is closer to the virtual that is used by pierre levy, i think. but yes, quite a bit of this work is more accessible now, and latour is actually becoming in many programs 'required reading' which is good.