Thu, 05 Jun 2003 16:31:26 GMT

Software Studies. The term is Lev Manovich's, but he hasn't done much to define it, at least not yet. What is software studies then? Or what is software studies to me? Software studies is what media theory becomes after the bubble bursts…. [Matthew G. Kirschenbaum]

there is actually so much more before Manovich's coin of the term. So much more, that I'm not sure he coined it, because there has been a research center in canada doing this sort of thing from a slightly different angle for some time.

I would add to the list Bonnie Nardi's work, and all the other anthropoligists of software, there is a large body of work in relation to information technology and software in the STS literature also. All of it is fascinating… there is also my software and culture list which has been going on for years.