ATTACK! Art and War in the Media Age / Kunst und Krieg in den Zeiten der Medien

War is the major social issue that has pushed all others to the side
since shortly after the turn of the millennium. Those who believed that
more peaceful times would follow the end of the Cold War were forced to
learn a lesson: War remains the father of all things, even though its
appearance, its methods, its aims and its language of imagery are
constantly changing.

Curators: Gabriele Mackert, Thomas Mie§gang

Participating Artists:
A1_53167, Sergej Bugaev Afrika, Dejan Andjelkovic/Jelica Radovanovic,
Apsolutno, Fiona Banner, Tobias Bernstrup/Palle Torsson, Nin Brudermann,
David Claerbout, Guy Debord, Uros Djuric, …yvind Fahlstršm, Peter Fend,
Fodor, RenŽe Green, Richard Hamilton, Korpys/Lšffler,, Sigalit
Landau, Chris Marker, Hans Jšrg Mayer, Gianni Motti, Adi Nes, Franz
Novotny, Klaus Pobitzer, Oliver Ressler, Antonio Riello, Martha Rosler,
Collier Schorr, Erasmus Schršter, Nedko Solakov, Nancy Spero, Herwig
Steiner, Wolfgang Tillmans, Paul Virilio, Stephen Vitiello, Wang Du,
Zhuang Hui

Oliver Ressler is part of the exhibition with the 2-channel video

The video installation thematizes events of 1st July, 2001 surrounding
an “anti-globalization demonstration” against the World Economic Forum
in Salzburg.

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