Wed, 07 May 2003 14:42:06 GMT

This just in — now the mainstream media knows what everyone else does!. Did Bush know? An article in today's New York Times (link to mirrored site with no reg. req.) pieces together data that the author claims proves that Bush and his inner circle were well-aware that they were using false “evidence” of Iraqi WMD. Sy Hersh from the New Yorker is also chiming in, as is Salon's Joe Connason and Katha Pollitt of The Nation. A pretty decent subsection of media is finally descending on this story. If Bush or Powell or Rumsfeld are proven to have been knowingly deceitful, will the American public be even half as angry as the rest of the world? [MetaFilter]

as if everyone didn't know this….. once again, the is primarily about money, and by that i mean exploitation of natural resources.