Sun, 27 Apr 2003 21:14:57 GMT

Conversational Blogging, or Lack ThereofStuart Hen …. Conversational Blogging, or Lack Thereof
Stuart Henshall adds to the discussion of blogs as facilitators of dialogue. He is the first I've seen who takes the design of the blog as a possible cause of little interaction through comment-boxes etc. Personally I still feel that the dialogue blogs foster takes places in large parts in other media, with the blog as startingpoint, so that the dialogue is largely hidden from view for the casual blog-reader. But Stuart certainly makes a point worth contemplating. [Ton's Interdependent thoughts]

architecturally, it has always seemed to me that the blog was more about the post, than the conversation. it really isn't focused on conversation at all, it is about putting something out, and then getting response, and then occasionally that starts a conversation, but really it lacks the fluidity necessary for a convo.