Wed, 16 Apr 2003 18:14:38 GMT

Dogma tagging.

Mitch Ratcliffe: Invisible Dogmas. A long, very thoughtful piece. The penultimate paragraph:

Simply put, the source of dogmas is our own laziness about addressing systemic issues in our organizations and in recording the reasons we do things within a company. We opt, for instance, for ÒcollaborationÓ software to make people collaborate instead of teaching them to work together respectfully and constructively. We fail to appreciate how these tools change the requirements when hiring new employees, and often blame the employees when they fail to thrive in the stunted learning environments weÕve created. If management wants to take credit for success, the institutionalization of critical thinking about our choices of information tools is absolutely essential to the role of a manager in the information age.

Lot of stuff to respond to there. But no time. Maybe later. Tomorrow, probably.

[The Doc Searls Weblog]

ummmmm, this is what we have always done though…. if you think about it. you structure learning environments to meet certain needs. currently as the number of teachers fall and the number of students rise in a variety of fields, environments become more about managing populations than about anything else. nothing new there though….