Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:31:02 GMT

Ethical and religious perspectives on war and peace. Ethical and religious perspectives on war and peace. While most
of the discussions have focused political perspectives of the
current conflict, there are quite a few ethical and religious
perspectives. A BBC website provides excellent
of the positions including the various types of pacifism
and just

For more detail there is a nice index site on Anabaptist-
Mennonite nonresistance
, Leon Trotsky's Marxist
critique of pacifism
, a secular argument for pacifism,
a Christian Primer on Just
, an atheist ethical
, and a buddhist

This is important for people to understand. For me, I'm not a pacifist, but I don't think that this war is justified by any known convention modern or otherwise. There are times to fight, and you know when that is, but there are rarely ever times where attack can be justified. A few more months and perhaps this attack would become justifiable, now it seems like the bully on the playground, an affrontage to convention. But if you are a pacifist of some sort, it is best to be clear as to your motivation, just in case the draft is reinstated.