Sat, 22 Mar 2003 22:52:39 GMT

SXSW 2003 Wrapup.

Heath Row's coverage of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival beats the crap out of all instances of event/conference/symposiumBlogging I have seen so far. Kudos! Here are the reports that connect the most into my interests:

  • Richard Florida: the rise of the Creative Class, pointing out the correlation between the Bohemian Index, the Gay Index, and the health of local technology industries. Diversity is good, baby.
  • Beyond the Blog with a bunch of Movable Type folks. Says Anil Dash on contributing content in many different places: ”I almost resent that someone else controls what I've written. The tools need to evolve so I post to this one place, and it's posted somewhere else.” Mark these words.
  • Digital Aboriginal, on the shift back to an oral-like culture. “If we're approaching the characteristics and number of words of an oral tradition, what does that mean? In an oral tradition, reputation is extremely important. Relationships are extremely important. Intimacy is extremely important.”
  • Jon Lebkowsky, Adina Levin, and Nancy White: Effective Social Networks.
  • Brad Fitzpatrick (, Scott Heiferman (, and James Hong ( Trends in How the Internet Connects People. “I showed up at this Howard Dean Meetup and there were 400 people in a New York bar. It was fully acknowledged that no one would be there if the idea hadn't spread through the viral nature of the Web.”

[Seb's Open Research]

more interesting stuff to look at when i have time.