Fri, 14 Feb 2003 00:08:53 GMT

Call for Participation

(Virtual) Community Informatics Workshop
Technological Aspects of and Frameworks for Electronic Community Support

held in conjunction with
the 12th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2003)
Budapest, Hungary
Tuesday May 20, 2003

We cordially invite you to participate in the (Virtual) Community
Informatics Workshop, to be held the first day of the WWW2003 Conference.
Researchers, students and practitioners interested in the areas of
community informatics, virtual communities and communities of
practice are welcome to submit either a position statement or a full
paper for presentation. People are also welcome to attend without a
position paper.

(Virtual) Community Informatics involves many facets of supporting
communities, including technical, educational, societal and policy
aspects. VCI research and activities address all of these. At the
WWW2003 workshop, we will focus on the technical aspects of and
frameworks for electronic community support. How can we best direct
and construct Web and other technologies to support the activities
that take place within communities? While our focus is on engineering
technological support, we welcome participants interested in all
aspects of communities in an electronic environment.

(Virtual) Community Informatics lies at two cross-roads: bringing
together people concerned with electronically enabling communities: local,
virtual and Communities of Practice; and structuring collaborations
between researchers and practitioners, including industry, in these three
domains. (Virtual) Community Informatics promotes the cross-fertilization
of ideas and experience found at this cross-roads, bringing together
researchers and practitioners from many varied disciplines.

Workshop Program Overview
– keynote address
– overview of and current issues in Community Informatics
– paper presentations
– panel
– short overview of several nascent (Virtual) Community Informatics
– general discussion

The specific focus of this workshop will be on a discussion of the
technology aspects of, and frameworks for electronic community

For further information and submission details, please see the
workshop Web site:

Stay Informed on (Virtual) Community Informatics

If you would be interested in further developments concerning
(Virtual) Community Informatics, please email Michael Bieber
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