First Call for Contributions and Participation

First Call for Contributions and Participation

The Third International DIVERSE Conference on Video and Videoconferencing in Higher Education

University of Derby, June 30 to July 2, 2003

The DIVERSE conference has established itself as the leading international forum for discussion, dissemination and promotion of all aspects of video use in teaching, support of learning and research in higher education. It has established a reputation for high quality content and presentation, including live international videoconferences and online demonstrations.

DIVERSE is concerned to explore the interfaces between pedagogy and technology, and is a both a showcase and a critical forum on mainstream and innovative practices. The call for contributions follows below.

However, to just register an interest in attending, please email

And for updates on the conference, please subscribe to the UK JISCmail 'video' discussion list. Send a message to The message should be: join video X Y. Insert your first name for X and your last name for Y. Note that there is a space between each word in the message. Do not put anything else into the message.

Call for Contributions:

Contributions should be either i) a one hour workshop with extensive interactivity, or ii) a 30 min presentation allowing ample time for discussion, and preferably with video examples, or iii) a 90 minute panel session on a topic of particular significance.

Contributors should identify one of the following themes.

1) Videoconferencing (including audioconferencing and text-conferencing, where these inform general conferencing practice)
2) Video and pedagogy
3) Interactive television and telepresence teaching
4) Making and/or using videorecordings
5) Digital video and the internet (eg streaming)
6) Video and interactive learning
7) Students learning by making and using video
8) Researching the effective use of video
9) Enriching e-learning using video and multimedia
10) Video applications in distance learning

For the moment, simply email your proposed type of contribution and preliminary title, with a sentence ot two about the content to A web site with online submission and registration will shortly be available. Submissions deadline: March 28