Tue, 04 Feb 2003 16:26:10 GMT

Blogs and support of inquiry.

Nurul Asyikin:

[…] It was horrible – the night before my proposal presentation I was desperately trying to find a way to convey the potential I saw in blogs as a new tool for community building to a roomful of disbelievers. For some reason, none of my web searches last year returned any academic papers on blogging, so you can imagine how completely alone I felt.

A couple months later, things have changed. I've found a multitude of papers (I'm listed there, even), blogs and websites, all devoted to the various possibilities presented by weblogs. I've no idea why I couldn't find them last year, when I felt so alone.

It could very well be because of this blog. Since I set this page up, I've received a bunch of emails offering help and support in writing this thesis. It's heartwarming, and somehow knowing that other bloggers care really does a lot for my confidence in doing this research. It's nice to know that blogs mean as much to other people.

[Seb's Open Research]

interesting info here, there should be quite a few blog related research things happening this year, conferences and such. as we all know that once a subject becomes academicized, it becomes boring….:) well maybe not…