Tue, 04 Feb 2003 03:31:49 GMT

Using the RDF referrer data.

The RDF data that I have available since yesterday, is now put to good use. Take a look at the archive page of January 26. At the bottom you see two referrers with excerpts. This information comes from the RDF data for that page. The XSL stylesheet for this site converts the RDF data to HTML.

This is a really nice thing about using XML/XSL for your weblog: the possibility to use several data sources at once. That I'm using XHTML 2.0 is hardly relevant. It's just the format I use for the textual content. The next datasource on the list to use is the OPML file I have for the sidebar. This would finally make it possible to change the sidebar without having to republish all the weblog pages.

Each page now also has a <link> element that points to the RDF metadata for that page. I used rel="meta" as suggested in the RDF/XML Syntax Spec. Does anybody know an application that might do something with this link?

[Sjoerd Visscher's weblog]

very interesting.