Mon, 03 Feb 2003 17:41:24 GMT

The PacketPC.

Something that's slipping in underneath the radar from Sony: a 60GB, WiFi-enabled, portable hard drive called the PacketPC that's the size of an iPod and comes with an LCD touch screen for text entry, GPS, and an MP3 player. David Galbraith points out what is really amazing about the PacketPC though:

Sony's enterprise backup service (a consumer service will be available later this year) means that the PacketPC will remotely sync via WiFi or Ethernet with an identical machine in a datastore. Lose your packet PC and clone replacement will be delivered by Fedex with 48 hours. The backup seems to be a simple disk image so there are no settings to really worry about, the offsite model is an exact clone of whatever is on your machine, and data is transferred in encrypted chunks for the enterprise service.

Two questions. One: Is the PacketPC for real? And two: Won't backing up 60 GB take an awful long time?


ooooo, new toy!