Fri, 17 Jan 2003 19:15:47 GMT


I remember when …

:: people had surnames instead of screenames.
:: people knew my home address instead of my email address.
:: icons were largely associated with religion.
:: I had to watch the news at night to find out what was happening.
:: I did my Christmas shopping at the mall instead of on
:: instant messaging was in its infancy.
:: dial-up was the only thing you could get.
:: I had a stack of phone books instead of a set of bookmarks in my browser for finding numbers.
:: I last went into the post office to buy stamps.
:: Yahoo! changed the worldwide web.
:: .com was always the end of a url.
:: when was sold for lots of money.
:: I saw Hackers for the first time and thought it wasn't all that great.
:: digital cameras were something you sold a major organ to pay for.
:: the debate on whether or not to tax internet sales began.
:: I had to talk with the neighbors, face to face, on the porch with a glass of iced tea to find out the local gossip.
:: long distance phone calls ate up my bill instead of dsl.
:: Compuserve, way back in 1984.
:: every email address I've ever had.
:: every url I've ever had.
:: Java was something people from the city called coffee.
:: when you had to buy music, at the store.
:: when Napster first opened its doors, and when it closed them.
:: I bought my first trinket off ebay, the first of many to come.
:: friends became lost in the shuffle when they moved because I just couldn't be bothered to dropping a letter in the mail.
:: cd burning was something religious groups did when they didn't like 2LiveCrew or NWA compact discs.
:: there wasn't an organization designed to monitor what people were researching.
:: a browser was someone who just went to the store and looked.
:: writing my first term paper using only online sources.
:: building my first home page, utilizing
:: everything was still connected with SCSI cords.
:: PDA was against school rules.
:: cookies were served with milk after recess.
:: Blackberry was something you picked in the springtime.
:: IBM and Apple were the only machines on the market.
:: bookmarks were bought at Waldenbooks and designed to hold your page in a book.
:: I entered my first chat room.
:: Netscape was the leading browser.
:: I made my first friend online (and you'e still with me Ali!)
:: I started reading weblogs before they were weblogs.
:: I had to go to a movie to see trailers and previews.
:: the world seemed a lot bigger.” [<unit 219>]

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but can you remember what color shoes you had on 3 year years ago… and yes, i am labelling this a freeverse pome