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Infrastructures of Digital Design Graduate Conference

January 31 -Ð February 2, 20 at UCSD

“ÒInfrastructures of Digial Design” is a graduate conference that will
take place January 31 to February 2 at the University of California San Diego
Center for Research in Computing & the Arts as part of the UC Digital
Cultures Initiative. This conference will feature paper presentations and
new media works from 30 graduate students inside and outside the University
of California, and will be supported by distinguished faculty members and
invited guest speakers.

“Infrastructures of Digital Design” will commence with a keynote speech
by Howard Becker leading sociologist of art and professor emeritus at the
University of California, Santa Barbara to be followed by two days of
plenary presentations that will address the following issues: Enabling
Design – What strategies and models of cultural production can be developed
from the realization of new infrastructures? Health Information Systems –
What are the ethical and technical questions produced through the
representation and collection of patient data and the formulation of new
medical knowledge? Spatiality and Built Environments -Ê How does the
collection, mapping and visualization of data affect the understanding built
environments and the relationship between the local and the global? Digital
Environments for Learning/Community/Identity -Ê What types of models
facilitate and produce new forms of understanding between both oneself and
the group or others? Designing Regulation and Regulating Design -Ê How are
infrastructures developed and employed by both the private and public
sector, setting standards for new policy and invention?

Graduate projects will be showcased in a New Media Works Festival, held at
the Herbert Marcuse Gallery in the Visual Arts Department, concurrent to the
panel presentations. Between exhibition and presentation, a night of
emergent performance, real-time data-mixing and sonic intervention
will take place the evening of Saturday, February 1st as part of the

All panels and paper presentations will be held at the Center for Research
in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) located in building #408 University Center
on the campus of UCSD. Artist presentations and installations will take
place at the Marcuse Gallery in the UCSD Visual Arts Facility across from
CRCA on Russell Lane.

All panels and presentations will be streamed and available for viewing at Since the facility has limited seating, virtual attendance is encouraged via the Live Media website, although art events will be free and open to the public.

Support for Infrastructures of Digital Design is being provided by the UC
Digital Cultures Project; UCSD Departments of Visual Arts, Communication,
and Sociology; the UCSD Divisions of Social Sciences, and Arts and
Humanities; the Center for Research in Computing & the Arts, and the Science
Studies Program of UCSD.

A full conference program can be found at
Questions and requests for more information may be sent to

Maps and directions to CRCA and the UCSD Visual Arts Facility are available

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