Mon, 13 Jan 2003 14:35:48 GMT

Alpha Males Have Beer Wenches. Alpha Males Have Beer Wenches
Yes, we know Alpha Males have it all, but the really Alpha-alpha Males have their own beer wenches so they don't have to go to the concession stand at the cricket matches, as reported here! Credit where credit is due, an email friend pointed out this story from Conrad's cool blog called Gweilo Diaries. Leave it to the Aussies to be doing breakthrough reseach in Alpha Male innovation.

This would be extremely popular at Fenway Park. Hey, maybe I could start a whole new business. Calling all Venture Capitalists — come on guys, give me a few million dollars and you can help me select members of my wenching staff. I'm 100% behind John Doerr's belief that it's all about building an expert team.

[Feminists, don't gag. There will be more coming for you soon. I'm getting sick of this too.]
[Halley's Comment]

the beer army is marching….. i would call this exploitation, but then at 65 an hour, they make much more than i do.