Tue, 07 Jan 2003 15:12:44 GMT

Mapping What We Read. Adina writes about some informal research done by Valdis Krebs that resulted in this diagram, which you can see full size by clicking here or on this gargantuan thumbnail: This is a rough-and-ready map of the reading preferences of the political left and the right. Valdis, who does superb maps of complex information, looked at some books easily identifiable as lefty or righty (e.g., Michael Moore's Stupid White Men and Ann Coulter's Slander) and then looked at each book's “buddy list” (“People who bought this book also bought…”). He followed those links and mapped the results. Given that Valdis is… [Joho the Blog]

interesting, i was just making the argument yesterday that communities of practice, epistemic communities, etc. are foundationally about shared beliefs