Fri, 03 Jan 2003 19:04:04 GMT

ah so

right now, i'm thinking a lot about blogs. blogs, blogs, blogs. blogs all the time around here. currently, i'm co-producing, with technophile Beverly Tang, a panel on blogging that will take place on February 1st at Miltos Manetas' Electronic Orphanage under the Rhizome banner. cyberfille Xeni Jardin will be moderating. the current line-up thus far features the likes of Mark Frauenfelder, Doc Searls, and myself. two other panelists are still being virtually hunted down like e-dogs in the cyberstreet at this time.


i would like to find someone who is alternoblogging. vlogging. audioblogging. moblogging. blogging-as-art [link?]. photoblogging with no words whatsoever ever. blogging in a newish way that pushes at the boundaries of the medium. and, they have to be in LA on 2/1. do you know of anyone? it was nice to hear from Jeff Jarvis, Howard Rheingold, and Joi Ito. but, i would like to hear about an alternoblogger too.

generally, it seems, people are blogging rather conservatively. i would like to become a vlogger. but, i am a little 'scairt too. Mr. Buzz makes it sounds so easy, though. and cheap. i like the idea of cutting out the middleman. the network, that is. i wrote about all this in an email to Xeni a little while ago. i think i was on crack at the time. or maybe just manic.

5) what i would really like to do is A) combine three-modes of blogging: i) links, ii) journal, and iii) theory, with B) a multimedia approach: i) text, ii) audio, iii) visual, while C) attempting to manifest the idea of blogging as: i) a post-post modern medium, (i.e. “ [the reverse cowgirl's blog]

heralding the call, here ya go