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Alpha and Beta testing

Over the years I’ve been an alpha or beta testor on a myriad of computer games. Meridan 59 Asheron’s Call 1 Anarchy Online Civilization for Linux by Lokigames WoW (open beta) and some software pointcast college network zend studio (open beta) php4 (open beta)

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thinking worlds

A. A Thinking WorldTM task is a challenge that will take place in a 3D world. For example you may be answering multiple choice questions about how blood gets around the body, whilst exploring a 3D set of lungs. Or you may be bringing different characters information about bullying in a 3D classroom. [From Serious […]

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Public access group challenges Smithsonian over copyrights

Public access group challenges Smithsonian over copyrights: Grabbing pictures of iconic Smithsonian Institution artifacts just got a whole lot easier. Before, if you wanted to get a picture of the Wright Brothers’ plane, you could go to the Smithsonian Images Web site and pay for a print or high-resolution image after clicking through several warnings […]

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On Coda

On Coda: On Coda it looks great!

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from Doc: The Living Edge

The Living Edge: David Sifry has just put up The State of the Live Web, April 2007. To explain the Live Web, he points to a pair of pieces I wrote in 2005. If you’d like a more visual explanation, follow the slides from this talk I gave at OSCON last summer, starting here. —– […]

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» 25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part2)

» 25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part2): 25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part2) ——- handy

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people's toolbox thePeoplesToolbox – Programming Tools

thePeoplesToolbox – Programming Tools : this site has thousands of tools of use to all kinds of programming tasks from the beginner to expert. it also has useful tools like this tool to represent how a large segment of the population might be seeing the colors that you choose differently. check it out, you might […]

Read More — What Is OpenDocument — What Is OpenDocument: The OpenDocument Format (ODF) is an emerging file format standard for electronic office documents. Representing a triumph of common sense over the methods conceived before the rise of the Internet, ODF’s goals are both exciting and controversial. Early adopters of the format include state and municipal governments in some near- […]

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free software free society

FREE SOFTWARE, FREE SOCIETY The Thiruvananthapuram Declaration May 29, 2005 We are currently living in a world that is increasingly gettinginterconnected and the issues of our concern are becoming global.Along the way, new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)transformed the process of knowledge construction and dissemination inour society. This process is transforming other fields of humancreativity […]

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Save search results in 10.3

Save search results in 10.3: I don’t know if everyone knows this, but it wasn’t documented as a shortcut in the Finder menu bar … pressing Command-T while doing a search from the Finder’s toolbar, or after finishing a search, the Finder will create a f… ——————– wow… i wish i knew this before.

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