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nyt: chinese and american learning of math and science or… how how policy documents legitimize regimes to the NYT articles and letters above…. I respond thusly: I tend to agree more with the Letters, than with the nyt article and even less so with the report. I think we have to be very careful about accounting for the cultural institutionalization of learning in China and the U.S. We […]

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New York Daily News – City News – He's clinging to his clunker

New York Daily News – City News – He’s clinging to his clunker: The Inwood resident has let his 1982 Honda Civic, bought brand new, sink into such an extreme state of rot that it has become a legend in the neighborhood where the Arkansas native has lived for 20 years. “People actually recognize me […]

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Map of the Day: Best of NYC Maps

Map of the Day: Best of NYC Maps: The NYPost has a feature about maps mashups, and they even give a shoutout to our Gothamist Map Mashup (look for a re-release next month!) We’ve been tracking NYC mashups for months– and currently have dozens in our maps archive. Here are our top ten mashup picks: […]

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The Morning News – The All Girls School, by Mara Bodis-Wollner

The Morning News – The All Girls School, by Mara Bodis-Wollner: In Bodis-Wollner’s artist’s statement for her “All Girls School” exhibit (up now at the Jen Bekman gallery), she writes:These photographs stem from my preoccupation with the experience of disappointment amidst celebration. In this series, I focus on issues of trust, intimacy and betrayal in […]

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