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things they don’t tell you, but shold

[From things] —– great comic about the mean ole world.

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get your war on.

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at

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Students expect better grades for effort

The study asked approximately 400 undergraduates aged 18 to 25 whether they agreed with these statements: If I have explained to my professor that I am trying hard, I think he/she should give me some consideration with respect to my course grade — 66.2% agree If I have completed most of the reading for a […]

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just cause his daughter’s are getting a puppy

—- this does not mean everyone gets a puppy, puppies are significant responsibilities.

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It begins anew

President elect Obama has several very large problems to solve, but just because he has majorities in the house and senate does not mean it will be an easy job, it will be very difficult because after almost 30 years of the same politics based in money. Where to start? I’d actually start with campaign […]

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Studs Terkel 1912-2008

Louis “Studs” Terkel (May 16, 1912–October 31, 2008 [1]) was an American author, historian, actor, and broadcaster based in Chicago. [From Studs Terkel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia] Studs Terkel official page —– a great american story and a great storyteller. he’ll was one of the hallmarks of a generation.

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some business method patents, software patents voided and unpatentable

Therefore, although invited to do so by several amici, we decline to adopt a broad exclusion over software or any other such category of subject matter beyond the exclusion of claims drawn to fundamental principles set forth by the Supreme Court. See, e.g., Br. of Amicus Curiae End Software Patents; Br. of Amicus Curiae Red […]

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Pictures of the day: 20 October 2008 – Telegraph

1,600 papier mache pandas set up by members of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in Paris to highlight that there are only 1,600 pandas left on earth [From Pictures of the day: 20 October 2008 – Telegraph] —— the many stands in for the many becoming fewer.

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