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Call: closed systems / open worlds

Closed Systems / Open Worlds Edited by: Jeremy Hunsinger (Wilfrid Laurier University), Jason Nolan (Ryerson University) & Melanie McBride (York University) This book will consist of explorations at the boundaries of virtual worlds as enclosed but encouraging spaces for exploration, learning, and enculturation. Game/worlds like Second Life, OpenSim, Minecraft, and Cloud Party are providing spaces […]

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a semester of finishing instead of a semester of starting

personal reality check time… I can’t do everything and get it all done. I need to get this hacking/maker research out the door (granted there is a special issue underway, but…), finish the altmetrics that i started with Abby Goodrum get at least one more paper out on the slow university idea, and i have […]

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Creative Business Card Designs.

Creative Business Card Designs.: Creativebits blog has a collection of some really creative business card designs (many from the businesscards pool on Flickr): Link – Thanks Tara! and Neatorama —- I have like 500 business cards from pratt….. but i’ve been using streetcards by hugh,

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Main Page – Pentabarf

Main Page – Pentabarf: Welcome to the Pentabarf Wiki. This wiki is used for documenting and supporting Pentabarf, the open source conference planning software. —— Pentabarf is a conference management system. it looks pretty nifty… it is a rails program.

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My ongoing list of things I'm doing in priority order

Many people have always ask what I’m doing these days with my time, so i’ve decided to make public my ‘projects’ list so that people might see, that yes… I’m one busy bloke. In order of priority: 1)Dissertation A. I have to finish this. 2)Teaching A. Projects in Digital Archives B. Library 2.0 3)Research and […]

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Citing: am I who you say I am?

Citing: am I who you say I am?: Something marvelous from blah-feme: To be referred to, to be quoted, sorted, circumscribed by the gesture of the upturned commas, single or double: what does this mean? To be linked to, to be pointed at, made part of a discourse, drawn in, made party to it, beholden […]

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repository of apple key shortcuts

Rixstep: Shortcuts A repository for every keyboard secret in OS X. Some of these are well known, some are not. Shortcuts in the Menu category are common rather than universal. This list should continue to grow exponentially over time.

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multi-user typo

Le Blog-a-dam: As you may not see, this blog is powered by Typo, a cool Ruby on Rails driven blog application. However I missed the functionnality of being able to easily host multiple blog on my server. I could not find much info beside a howto which required virtual hosts and implied editing Typo’s internal. […]

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Nvu – The Complete Web Authoring System for Linux, Macintosh

Nvu – The Complete Web Authoring System for Linux, Macintosh: finally….

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Development Gateway Launches Software Tool For International Relief and Development Coordination

Development Gateway Launches Software Tool For International Relief and Development Coordination: January 11, 2005 – The Development Gateway Foundation has launched an open source software tool that organizations can use to coordinate international relief and development efforts. Called the Local Projects Database (LPD), this tool can be downloaded from the web. See ——– this […]

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