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nodes, actors and networks

nodes, or actors, or networks. This is a response to jeremy's comments on actor construction? and a response entry (June 30, 2003) in his blog regarding the relationship of actors and networks as used/presented by the actor-network theory and methodology. Jeremy: “i replied to this on his blog too, but ultimately my position is to… […]

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Happy new year

This year…. Ummm. I think I’ll publish a few things, lose weight, exercise more, travel a bit, and try to spend much less…. Normal stuff… Of course today I am still currently sick with a cold. Weee!

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cfp: Cultures in virtual worlds

Cultures in virtual worlds A special issue of the New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia Guest-edited by Jeremy Hunsinger and Adrienne Massanari Virtual worlds (VW) embody cultures, their artefacts, and their praxes; these new and old spaces of imagination and transformation allow humans to interact in spatial dimensions. Within these spaces, culture manifests with the […]

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Day of digital humanities

I am never sure if I am in the digital humanities or not, but several major projects run on my servers and I’ve done work on projects in the past.  I’m in Montreal today and for a few days giving a talk at Concordia’s TAG Lab and I am at the International Studies Association annual […]

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2011 is likely a transition year. I don’t know where it’s going, but I know some things are ending and some things will begin. Basically I think there are two things going on here… One is career, which while fine and I love my job, but I would like to move to tenure-track. Basically, I […]

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RSA Sir Ken Robinson

SIr Ken Robinson being brilliant again, but with animation

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International Handbook of Internet Research

International Handbook of Internet Research Edited by Jeremy Hunsinger, Lisbeth Klastrup, and Matthew Allen Over 600 pages With co/authors from: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, North America, South America From a wide variety of fields and perspectives. Contents: Forward: The New Media, the New Meanwhile, and the Same Old Stories Steve Jones Introduction Jeremy Hunsinger […]

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Learning and Research in Virtual Worlds

Aleks Krotoski and I edited this special issue of Learning Media  & Technology on the topic of Learning and Research in Virtual Worlds.  We were both completing our Ph.D. at the time, so it took a bit longer than we thought it would, but it came out great!   This is related to our Learning […]

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I choose to challenge…

Thanks  Pa^2 Patois

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