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remembering preliminary exams

To some extent this exam was very important, and I think the questions that I was asked are indicative of why I think this is.  It is 12 years after I took this exam, and well being able to answer these questions today are just as important as them.  I only have the questions that […]

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scos presentation proposal

I proposed this for the annual standing conference on organizational symbolism conference “serious fun”… and it was accepted. it is a spin off the darknets research i’ve been pursuing on the side for a year… so now there are two papers in development on this topic… I’m sharing it so people can see more […]

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Fellowship and Conference

Since Tuesday I have been in Milwaukee visiting SOIS and CIPR as part of my Information Ethics fellowship. I attended a discussion about a possible future conference on translating intercultural information ethics across the situated understandings that term implies across a plurality of contexts. That seems like a great project, I’m happy to help out […]

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Report: The future of scholarly communication: building the infastructure for cyberscholarship

Report: The future of scholarly communication: building the infastructure for cyberscholarship: The future of scholarly communication: building the infastructure for cyberscholarship link —- From

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Cultural Ethnography: A Brief Report

Cultural Ethnography: A Brief Report: A user in the usability lab is like a tiger in the cage, helpless! Study him in his natural habitat! — this is a short report from an hci practitioner who has moved into the realm of ethnography. i think it captures one of the main failures of much of […]

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WSIS Golden Book Publication

WSIS Golden Book Publication: More than 375 submissions were made to the Golden Book by governments, international organizations, NGOs, companies and individuals, describing their work towards promoting ICT activities. ITU estimates that the activities announced during the Tunis Phase to promote WSIS goals represented a total value of at least € 3.2 billion (US$ 3.9 […]

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The Best and Worst Internet Laws

Articles: The Best and Worst Internet Laws Date: Apr 20, 2007 By Eric Goldman. Over the past dozen years, the lure of regulating the Internet has proven irresistible to legislators. For example, in the 109th Congress, almost 1,100 introduced bills referenced the word Internet, and hundreds of Internet laws have been passed by Congress and […]

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from Doc: The Living Edge

The Living Edge: David Sifry has just put up The State of the Live Web, April 2007. To explain the Live Web, he points to a pair of pieces I wrote in 2005. If you’d like a more visual explanation, follow the slides from this talk I gave at OSCON last summer, starting here. —– […]

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UNESCO Survey on Infoethics Released

UNESCO Survey on Infoethics Released: “Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies” A UNESCO survey on INFOethics Cover of the publication, copyright UNESCO The survey was prepared by Mary Rundle and Chris Conely of the NGO Geneva Net Dialogue at UNESCO’s request. In presenting the results, an introductory story is first provided of how the technologies covered […]

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International Journal of Internet Research Ethics

Announcing the release of the International Journal of Internet Research Ethics Call for Papers for the Premier Issue of IJIRE Description and Scope: The IJIRE is the first peer-reviewed online journal, dedicated specifically to cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural research on Internet Research Ethics. All disciplinary perspectives, from those in the arts and humanities, to the social, behavioral, […]

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