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I drank Google's beer, then left

It was the only right (ethical) choice that I had. You see I went down to google’s new york office tonight to see a colleague of mine speak on the future of the internet. I thought it was an open invite without any specific rules as to what I could do with the knowledge that […]

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Creative Business Card Designs.

Creative Business Card Designs.: Creativebits blog has a collection of some really creative business card designs (many from the businesscards pool on Flickr): Link – Thanks Tara! and Neatorama —- I have like 500 business cards from pratt….. but i’ve been using streetcards by hugh,

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Facebook | Message: Memorial Fund & Upcoming Fundraisers

Facebook | Message: Memorial Fund & Upcoming Fundraisers: In response to multiple inquiries about both setting up a memorial fund as well as any local fundraisers, we have launched a website that will allow the Manhattan Hokies to raise both awareness and support for the victims and their families. Please visit: for details. Additionally, […]

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Manhattan Candle Light Vigil

All: Again, thanks to each of you who have reached out with thoughts, prayers, and suggestions. Let me also apologize for not responding to each of your individual inquiries/questions – as you can imagine, the response has been overwhelming. As Hokie Nation, and the nation as a whole, grieves over the tragedy at Virginia Tech, […]

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ahhh, nyc, and astoria

it wasn’t bad or anything like that, but last night we lost power. now giving that the last time the major outages happened, it took a week to recover, it really makes one wonder when you’ll get power back… when you lose power. the answer… 2 am. Still, it made me dig out some matches […]

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Planning for Library Camp Mid-Atlantic

Planning for Library Camp Mid-Atlantic: Planning proceeds apace – Jeremy Hunsinger is kindly checking to see if space is available at Pratt Institute, and has posted about the event to a mailing list he’s on. I will likely do the same on BUSLIB-L, assuming it’s OK with Dan Lester. I’ve created a very brief survey […]

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Sometimes I Feel Like I'm The Only One Trying To Gentrify This Neighborhood | The Onion – America's Finest News Source

Sometimes I Feel Like I’m The Only One Trying To Gentrify This Neighborhood | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source: It’s getting to the point where I feel like I’m tilting at windmills. But I can’t give up—I know this neighborhood would benefit from the diversity of more people like me moving in. If […]

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speaking of my exotic ways :)

I went for a walk this afternoon and decided to try some new food. I went to this little cuban restaurant…, I’d say on 47th street and broadway in astoria/LIC. I wanted to try the cuban sandwich. Of course, they were out of cubano, so I ordered what the person before me had which was […]

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From the conference room

My office won’t be ready until around the 1st ;0 and my dsl is off at home, so I’m currently using my phone for email and my office for the web…… such is life. My neighborhood is really nice in astoria ny, best buy and home depot are within walking distance, but broadway has everything […]

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so the move went well, I’ll have the pictures of the new place when i get things sorted. It is pretty nice and my landlord was extremely helpful in getting things done yesterday. It took about an hour to unpack the truck with some help from the Pratt metal shop. We unpacked on the hottest […]

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