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“Down the Rabbit Hole” day

This dissociation of cultural subject and cultural production problematizes much of the scholarship being done in virtual worlds which depends on the assumptions that subject/s create or exist in relation to objects, but in the messiness of programmable systems, the mixing of subjects/objects into quasi-subjects, quasi-objects, and the pluralization of the relationship between a persons interface and their ‘avatar’, causes one to be immediately skeptical of the reported experiences of people acting through their interfaces in the virtual world. … In short, when exploring culture in virtual worlds, we need to take care in our methodological choices and their assumptions for even the most basic assumptions such as, “my student in my virtual classroom had the same experience as my other students” is likely to be false in ways that are profoundly different than the ways it may be false in a f2f classroom.

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YouTube – QueenRania’s Channel

QueenRania [From YouTube – QueenRania’s Channel] ——– this is a brilliant use of youtube!

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Fellowship and Conference

Since Tuesday I have been in Milwaukee visiting SOIS and CIPR as part of my Information Ethics fellowship. I attended a discussion about a possible future conference on translating intercultural information ethics across the situated understandings that term implies across a plurality of contexts. That seems like a great project, I’m happy to help out […]

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Students want chance to defend themselves –

Students want chance to defend themselves [From Students want chance to defend themselves –] —– in recent times, the chance for students to defend themselves is not in the classroom. that is too late. if these students want to defend themselves they need to care for their fellow students and take responsibility for the […]

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[From KIWIS BY BEAT!] —- minus is one of my new favorite web comics.

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I drank Google's beer, then left

It was the only right (ethical) choice that I had. You see I went down to google’s new york office tonight to see a colleague of mine speak on the future of the internet. I thought it was an open invite without any specific rules as to what I could do with the knowledge that […]

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Public access group challenges Smithsonian over copyrights

Public access group challenges Smithsonian over copyrights: Grabbing pictures of iconic Smithsonian Institution artifacts just got a whole lot easier. Before, if you wanted to get a picture of the Wright Brothers’ plane, you could go to the Smithsonian Images Web site and pay for a print or high-resolution image after clicking through several warnings […]

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TV Turnoff Week

TV Turnoff Week: ——– Radical Vixen points us to TV Turnoff Week, which if we were allowed to post things on walls and door outside of certain areas… would be posted on my door at work.

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from Doc: The Living Edge

The Living Edge: David Sifry has just put up The State of the Live Web, April 2007. To explain the Live Web, he points to a pair of pieces I wrote in 2005. If you’d like a more visual explanation, follow the slides from this talk I gave at OSCON last summer, starting here. —– […]

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UNESCO Survey on Infoethics Released

UNESCO Survey on Infoethics Released: “Ethical Implications of Emerging Technologies” A UNESCO survey on INFOethics Cover of the publication, copyright UNESCO The survey was prepared by Mary Rundle and Chris Conely of the NGO Geneva Net Dialogue at UNESCO’s request. In presenting the results, an introductory story is first provided of how the technologies covered […]

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