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MIT Media Lab Guru Says No Computers in Schools

MIT Media Lab Guru Says No Computers in Schools: Michael Schrage of the MIT Media Lab wrote a piece for The Financial Times saying that there should be no computers in schools. He argues that billions could be saved by keeping useless technologies out of schools. As an educational technologist, I felt that I needed […]

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yellowTAB – Makers of ZETA

yellowTAB – Makers of ZETA : ZETA 1.0 goes golden!09. June 2005 While we had initially planned to release ZETA 1.0 at the beginning of May, we then decided to delay the release. We did this in order to make some major changes and additions so that we could be absolutely certain to release a […]

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free software free society

FREE SOFTWARE, FREE SOCIETY The Thiruvananthapuram Declaration May 29, 2005 We are currently living in a world that is increasingly gettinginterconnected and the issues of our concern are becoming global.Along the way, new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)transformed the process of knowledge construction and dissemination inour society. This process is transforming other fields of humancreativity […]

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abuse: the darker side of hci

——————————————————————– CALL FOR WORKSHOP PAPERS ——————————————————————– „Abuse: the darker side of human-computer interaction‰ An INTERACT 2005 Workshop ==================================================================== Date: Monday, September 12 (Full day) Location: Rome, Italy Submission Deadline: extended to May 30 Web-site: ==================================================================== AIMS AND SCOPE OF THE WORKSHOP ============================== Computers are often the subject of our wrath and often, we feel, […]

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Swift Justice

Swift Justice: Justice can be swift, and very funny: Hacker deletes own hard drive: A CHAT CHANNEL spat ended when a wannabe hacker was duped into deleting his own hard drive. The 26 year-old German claimed he was the baddest hacker in town and threatened to attack a moderator on #stopHipHop’s RC Channel because he […]

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International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance

International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance: An International Campaign Against Mass Surveillance was launched 20 April 2005 in London, Manila, Ottawa and Washington,with initial endorsements on its declaration from almost one hundred groups from around the world. The introduction and detailed White Paper on the campaign’s Web site speak for themselves, specifically in highlighting the significnace […]

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Anonymity and Privacy

Anonymity and Privacy : some interesting compsci type readings on the topic

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Paris fights for its game sector

Paris fights for its game sector: “In the anarchic world of video games, unusual international juxtapositions are actually the norm.” (Via Technology.) where will ubisoft land?

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A new environment for learning?

A new environment for learning?: “ If you find yourself with some extra time over the next few days and are feeling adventurous, you should set aside a moment or two and try out the beta version of Croquet. Croquet is a 3-D rendered ‘operating system’ and provides an environment for navigating through, and representing, […]

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