How To Get Around Web 2.0 Censorship

Is YouTube censored in your country? Having trouble getting onto Flickr to post your photos? MohammedR, an Iranian developer tired of not being able to access social networking websites in his country, came up with “FreeAccess Plus!”, which bloggers say is “making miracles” happen in Iran. [From How To Get Around Web 2.0 Censorship]


sometimes the internet can route around censorship… then they cut the wires…

thinking worlds

A. A Thinking WorldTM task is a challenge that will take place in a 3D world. For example you may be answering multiple choice questions about how blood gets around the body, whilst exploring a 3D set of lungs. Or you may be bringing different characters information about bullying in a 3D classroom.

[From Serious Educational Games Online | Game Based Learning | Games]

more on thinking worlds

seems like it would be interesting, but it is pc only. now i have my old linux box…