Polyvalent creativity

def: Polyvalent creativity is a form of creativity in which the processual nature of creativity is participated in by many subjects who are co-constituting the experience of creativity across and between different levels of knowing, creating, learning, and understanding. Specifically for my work, it is the form of creativity where the process causes people to recruit more people, which builds into a cohesive group. It is a theory of creative revolution.

this is interesting, actor network

What is Actor-Network Theory: various ANT definitions. The possibility of applying the actor-network theory and its methodology to different disciplines and fields of study is evident by the many senses in which it has been used. The What is Actor-Network Theory? site provides various definitions. These and many other colors and flavors of ANT represent a very… [infoSophy: Socio-technological Rendering of Information]

however, the fixation on the actor is still present. get rid of it, stop thinking about it, think about networks, only networks, and then think about how it constructs the actor, then i think you have a theoretically interesting actor-network theory.