Wed, 06 Aug 2003 16:39:16 GMT

Jan Velterop, Public funding, public knowledge, pu …. Jan Velterop, Public funding, public knowledge, publication, Serials, 16, 2 (July 2003) pp. 169-174. (Accessible only to subscribers.) Abstract: “The argument that publicly funded research should be publicly available is a valid one, but it cannot be the most important one in the discussion as to whether research should be freely accessible. The overriding argument is that freely accessible research optimises the scientific process as well as its Îtranslationâ into societal benefits. Free access, or Îopen accessâ as it is widely called, can be brought about by making full use of the technologies available to the world, particularly the internet, but it does need a change in traditional economic models of publishing.” [Open Access News]

This article is on ingenta… i don't seem to have access to it, which makes it extremely ironic…

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