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[From SocProf Supports William I. Robinson | The Global Sociology Blog]

As do I.

It amazes me that this sort of thing goes on. It is quite worrisome in terms of academic freedom, not that we necessarily have any more freedom than others as academics, but that we are supposed to be able to speak and share knowledge… make comparisons that may make people uncomfortable. Knowedge does that…. makes people uncomfortable.

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  1. jason says:

    I miss the point. Having the right to academic freedom is great. But the right of people to get pissed off at that things you say is also great. Academic freedom is NOT immunity from anger or outrage, misguided or not. I have only online reports, but if the guy is so thick to think that these are the only two events he could juxtapose, then he’s a weak academic, IMHO. I feel I can take issue with the actions of the israeli state while supporting the jewish people’s around the world, as one reference says was his position. But to say there is nothing questionable in the judgement regarding talking about German actions in Poland vs Israeli actions in Gaza that would upset people is really rather thick on is part. And to be shocked that people outside of academe would call for your head (note that there is no requirement that they be well versed in and respect notions of academic freedom) makes me question him having the social skills required for a job that interacts with the public.

    Sure, I support his academic freedom, but what a twitt.

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