powerpoint presentation humor

powerpoint presentation humor:
2 “PowerPoint presentations” by comedian Don McMillan, who attempts to give some good advice on using the PowerPoint tool properly. there is another funny Powerpoint-based video after the break.

[link: myspace.com & myspace.com|via presentationzen.com]

see also powerpoint bad for brains.


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  1. Rochelle says:

    I’m not sure I can fully express how much I hate how people tend to use powerpoint. It can be used in a helpful fashion (sometimes visuals are good to help people understand you point, and giving people a visual structure for what you’re going to say is also a nice thing), but omg people people use it as their own lecture notes. You should really have your own notes to speak from. I feel strongly about this. The powerpoint is for the AUDIENCE, not for YOU.

    Citations on powerpoint really get me. What is the audience meant to do with a full citation blown up on the screen? Write it down? If it’s that important, maybe it should be a handout or something. I mean, quote an individual if you will, please feel free (I’d rather do the citation vocally, but that’s just me), but save the volume, issue number and page reference for some other forum.

    I’ve decided to boycott presentation software. Surely my bubbly personality is entertainment enough.