Virginia Tech reports shooting, 1 killed – Yahoo! News

Virginia Tech reports shooting, 1 killed – Yahoo! News:
BLACKSBURG, Va. – Shootings at a dorm and classroom on the Virginia Tech campus Monday left at least one person dead and one wounded, and a suspect was arrested, authorities said.

update: up to 22 dead as of noon.

Oh my goodness…. This is a horrible… I have so many friends there and they have friends, this affects us all.

I think the ethos of violence that underwrites these sorts of horrors has to end. That someone, even unhinged, thinks that mass murder is a possible act is a generally unacceptable level of violence to be evidenced in society.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers….

  2. Aaron says:

    This is awful, Jeremy. Just came to your log to make sure you were OK. This is so utterly terrible.

  3. Rochelle says:


  4. Rochelle says:

    Okay, so I fail at HTML again today. But the concern is still really genuine. :/

  5. jeanrem says:

    Hi Buridan, a special thought for you, and people from Virginia tech. Hope your’ ok…
    jeanrem Beebe

  6. david silver says:

    i thought of you, naturally, when i heard the terrible news. i hope you and yours are relatively ok.

  7. David Berry says:

    Just heard the news in the UK – sounds awful. Hope you are ok Jeremy.



  8. Shane says:

    Amazing. Just amazing. Knowing that one decision made by another ended so many lives, so many possible futures…I can’t even comprehend. I will say both Lorrie and I almost immediately had to remind ourselves you were in NY, thank goodness. Hope you’re as okay as you can be right now.