death of baudrillard

Décès de Jean Baudrillard, pourfendeur de la société de consommation et des médias:
Décès de Jean Baudrillard, pourfendeur de la société de consommation et des médias

Jean Baudrillard • DR

Le sociologue et philosophe est décédé mardi à Paris, à l’âge de 77 ans •

two online encyclopedia entries about baudrillard:

Other obituaries:,1-0@2-3382,36-879957@51-879918,0.html

Some responses from my friends, colleagues and people i read in the blogosphere:

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yes i read too many blogs, but that’s life..

It is in relation to baudrillard that i have pursued some of my obscure interests… like pataphysics, oulipo, the origins of structuralism. He is why I work in semiology and discourse analysis, beyond the fact that… so do my friends and colleagues. he’s a major figure in my history, and the focus of one of my independent studies in graduate school.

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