Wikipedia Biography

Wikipedia Biography:
Kathryn Cramer proposes that ISFDB take back author biographies from Wikipedia.

I agree, wikipedia is not the place for…. biographies, actually it is not the place for most things. it is really hard to maintain any sense of standards in wikipedia. you can basically find valid citations for nearly any minoritarian position in the world and support it. so you will find that wikipedia is full of things that just don’t quite fit…. full of arguments about minor things. this skews the whole project.

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  1. jason says:

    Ya! Tell ’em Jim! Lucky for us the encyclopedia britannica has biographies, or how else would we know about Sir Isaac Newton. Why pray tell should wikipedia not have them?

  2. jeremy says:

    it is not about the dead and gone jason, it is about the living and the injustice that wikipedia does to them. sure there are dead people which it does injustice to also, but really this critique arose out of their treatment of science fiction against the construction of ‘notability’ and ‘neutrality’ see for newton you have a few hundred years to establish ‘neutrality’ though you still get some promoters and detractors…. but for current biographies you don’t have anything like that, and they get deleted or turned into messy ego playgrounds.