This note’s for you » One Laptop Per Child?

I am reading more and more about that OLPC thingy. I’m asking myself, who needs this? Who has thought out this crap? In my opinion and experience as father, the last thing that a child needs is a laptop (with my definition of a child beeing <= 10 years old).Sorry folks, I don’t get this. Here’s my opinion on what our children really need:

*Parents. This does not mean that they have to be the physical parents. ‘Nuff said.
*Time to learn.


His third one is even better.

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  1. jason says:

    It seems that a lot of people have gotten so bored that they’re commenting on the ill-thoughtout blog postings of others. Sure there are some interesting points in there. There’s a good meal in a dumpster too, if you want to look for it.

    We know that there are good things possible with access to communications technology and that the one laptop project is problematic. We know that it is better to tell stories to each other then to read harry potter, and that wooden hand-made toys are better than plastics from unknown provenance.

    But we also know that drivel is as drivel does.

  2. CleverGirl says:

    Personally, I think the OLPC people probably think that all this blogging about them — good and bad — is great marketing/publicity.