It's my blogiversary

I started this blog on dec. 29 2002. it is dec 29, 2006. that means, this blog is 9 million and 4 years old (must be the new math).

I spent the last week at my sister’s playing with my nephew and helping during the holidays as i found time. I did not get as much dissertation writing done as i needed there, so I’m hoping to crank up some production these next few weeks.

since no one reads blogiversary posts… I’ll insert my new years resolutions too:

1. finish dissertation in the spring, graduate.
2. get to europe, give talks, meet people
3. go to a new place in nyc every week, blog it.
4 lose 20lb
5. once diss is done, start dating again.
6. write at least 250 words toward publications per day.
7. take better notes.

(all i absolutely need to do is finish the first, but the rest would be good too).

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0 comments on “It's my blogiversary

  1. jason says:

    you would remember when you started blogging. 🙂
    as for the 20 lb that’s easy. glass of hot water with lemon juice in it before you got to bed at night, and one in the morning. Voila. 20 lb gone faster than you can say implosion.

    Just remember, no blogging until the diss is done.