The Bicycle Forest :: The HulaBike

The Bicycle Forest :: The HulaBike:
The HulaBike is another hand built creation from the Bicycle Forest.
Instead of a conventional drivetrain, the HulaBike uses an eccentrically
laced rear wheel. Because the hub is offset from the centre of the rim,
the bike can be propelled by hopping up and down with the right rhythm.
You may not get far on the HulaBike, but you’ll have fun trying.


for some reason…. this is strangely enticing as a concept… but i can’t see every riding one.

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  1. Penny says:

    If the Hulabike isn’t your thing, maybe you could take a spin on the Couchbike. I also like the idea of blending in with the other traffic in their Pimped Out Rhoades Car!